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Making a Prayer Table in Your Home

A prayer table is a small sacred space in your home.  It can be a place to gather for prayer as a family or for individual prayer.

Normally the prayer table would be located where everyone can be comfortable accessing it, in a living room instead of a bedroom for example. Include a comfortable chair nearby for reading and reflecting. A bookshelf with some age appropriate spiritual reading is a nice addition.

I like to keep the top of the table from being too cluttered. A statue of our Blessed Mother or another saint is a nice focal point. The table in the picture also includes the family bible, some candles, and flowers to brighten it up.

Another nice prayer table element is a bowl where family members can leave prayers they have written or can write down things they would like others to pray for. These are meant to be shared and are not considered private.

Hang a crucifix or religious art above it. You can also put some rosaries on it. A bottle of holy water with a small bowl to pour a little into can serve as a font.  You can also change the elements throughout the liturgical seasons.

Whatever you put on or near the prayer table should be meaningful to your family or students. Add any items which will encourage prayer and reflection.


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