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How to Build a Temple Wall & Boat

This one is a bit ambitious but I love the idea :)

If you teach children in a church setting, I’m sure you would love to hear positive phrases from the young ones that you teach, like “This is the best day ever!” or “When do we get to come to church again?” and the ultimate is “I love coming here!”. Here are two lesson extension ideas that were a big hit with my preschool class and their parents, at our church.


We are studying the building and ultimate destruction/re-building of the temple wall in Nehemiah and Ezra. The main point of the lesson for our preschoolers was that God helped His people rebuild the temple in spite of the enemies that tried to stop them. He even used King Darius to finance the project and to keep them safe. They kept building, and when it was done they had a big party and thanked God.

We talked about how God’s people re-built the temple so they would have a place to worship God. And how years later, God sent His Son, Jesus to be with His people on the Earth.

Building a Fishing Boat


We were getting ready to teach some of the parables that Jesus taught to people. Since the Bible tells us in Mark 4 that Jesus actually taught some of the parables from a boat while crowds sat on the shore, we thought it would be fun to stand in the boat and teach like Jesus did, and also to fish off the side with our magnetic fish poles and fish. It wasn’t so much that we were actually teaching a concept to the kids, but trying to “put flesh” on what we read in the Bible and make it fun and concrete as well.

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